About us Skolar

A robust and innovative e-learning solution that allows you to provide or receive lessons wherever you are and whenever you want.

Skolar is developed by ACESY Ltd in its desire to satisfy the national educational community in this period of confinement due to COVID 19. This solution is viewed as a helping hand lent by ACESY Ltd towards those responsible for educational establishments (primary and secondary) and higher education in their plans to continue teaching via online learning platforms.

We therefore offer a distance learning and collaboration platform with enormous capabilities.

We built this platform solution to be fairly practical and seamless, allowing your classroom to follow you everywhere with an ease of adapting on varios connected devices (computers, tablets and phones). Also, you learn according to your agenda: when you want, where you want and at your pace. The solution is designed to be mobile and flexible.

It is a powerful collaboration tool allowing you to stay in constant contact with your classmates and teachers via direct chats or group chats and during virtual classes.

Screen sharing features, webcam, whiteboard, audio / video conference, multilingualism, unlimited customization of the tool, exchange security and many other capabilities for Skolar to adapt to the smallest detail quality, secure and low-cost distance education.

About ACESY Ltd

Our goal is to provide valuable software and services that reduce costs and increase productivity.

We aim to reduce IT expenses for businesses around the world – without compromising the innovation and quality of these systems. At ACESY Ltd, we provide IT solutions that meet the most common to the most complex business challenges.

Whatever IT difficulties you encounter, at what level of whatever type of business it is, we have a complete package of open source software and other powerful tools to address the most complex situations with 24/7 IT and commercial assistance.